• Generally our pupils range in age from 6-18 years old, (first and second level education). We also teach adults for the ATCL and Dip.ABRSM DIPLOMA providing they are if the required standard.
  • Pupils are expected to practice and listen to assigned music at least 5 times each week, and preferably every day. Violin lessons produce meaningful results when student and parent follow the prescribed course of study in good faith.
  • The Kilkenny Violin Studio is committed to providing the best possible service in the long term. In order to facilitate this, it is necessary for us to meet with all new prospective pupils and parents to firstly establish suitability for violin tuition and our programme.  
  • The Kilkenny Violin Studio reserves the right not to enrol or re enrol students if we feel that the student isnt benefitting from our programme. 
  • Pupils are formally enrolled when fees are paid in full.
  • The Kilkenny Violin Studio is committed to an educational philosophy that has been formulated over years of training and experience. This philosophy places the musical development of each and every pupil, regardless of age, at the forefront. All teaching material and repertoire is prescribed with a pedagogical goal that is carefully designed for optimal progress for each and every pupil. 'We do not simply just go onto the next piece or next exam!' Whilst Music Exams are useful, only as an independent assessment for the pupil, they are not central to a musical education. Enjoyment and development comes first!
  • All pupils are re enrolled on a termly basis. Re enrolment is based entirely on satisfactory progress and timely payment of fees.
  • Pupils may not enter for music competitions or exams without the teacher's concent.
  • The Tuition fee holds your time slot open throughout the term and is required in full whether or not the pupil attends class. Tuition fees are payable termly. 
  • All fees must be paid in full by the fourth lesson of each term. 
  • Fees are worked out for a 35 week teaching year. This fee is then divided by 3 to give a termly fee. This means that the fee for each term is exactly the same.
  • Payment methods are cash and cheque only. 

Cancellation of lessons

Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time, or credit will be given towards next terms tuition. Lessons cancelled by the pupil are not refunded or rescheduled. However if the teacher has another cancellation slot, the teacher generally, may offer this time to accommodate if the pupil cannot attend their assigned lesson time.

Additional requirements:

The student is required to provide the following:

1. Violin set up which included the violin, bow, violin case, shoulder rest and rosin (the violin set-up can be purchased  from a music shop. The studio has an instrument loan scheme for new beginners for their first year.

2. Music stand

3. Notebook

4. Binder for music

Additional fees may include: Sheet music and books, Music Theory materials and recital fees, when appropriate.

Duty of Care

In line with new National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children from the Department of  Health and Children, it is the Studio's policy to safeguard the welfare of all children while they are attending lessons. Carl Rochford is working under the principles of a “Child Protection Policy” in accordance with established good practice guidelines as set out by;

o   Solo Practitioner, the Arts Council 2009 

For informational purposes only

Under the 2012 National Vetting Bureau Bill, Carl Rochford has been Garda Vetted through the National Youth Council of Ireland 2018, Kilkenny College 2018, LOETB 2020, KCETB 2021