Term dates & Fees 2023/24

Autumn Term 2023  (15 Weeks)

First day : Monday 28th August

Closed on Monday 30th October - Sunday 4th November  inclusive

for Mid-term break

Last day : Sarurday 23rd December

Spring Term 2024 (11 Weeks)

First day : Saturday 6th January

Mid term break - Monday 12th - 17th February inclusive 

Last day : Saturday March 30th

We have lessons on the first week of School Easter 



Summer Term 2024 - 12 Weeks)

First day : Monday April 8th

Last day : Saturday June 29th


38 week teaching year

 Finalised fees structure from January 2019

NEW violin and piano BEGINNERS FEE €260 per term for the first 2 years of individual tuition + loan of Violin

 Violin & Piano individual (Year 3 onwards) - 30 minute lesson: €310 per term

Discounts apply to families where two or more children are enrolled

All of the above fees includes:

Access to participate in annual master classes, performance opportunities, piano accompaniment for studio concerts and masterclasses, grades 1-5 aural training, Grades 6,7 & 8 Musicianship and Aural Training classes.

N.B fees are worked out over a 38 week teaching year, then divided by 3 to give a termly fee.

Example 2012

Billing Structure

Autumn term - 15 weeks tuition received 

(You pay for 12.66 weeks)

Spring term - 11 weeks tuition received

(You pay for 12.66 weeks)

Summer term - 12 weeks tuition received 

(You pay for 12.66 weeks)

Since there are a different number of weeks in every term, your bill is divided evenly throughout the year.

3(12.66 weeks) = 38 week year (You Pay)

Autumn 15 weeks + Spring 11

 weeks + Summer 12 weeks = 38 week year (You Receive)